National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium

Starting with the 9th edition, the National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium (NNLPRS) is an annual meeting of the Special Interest Group on Natural Language Processing (SIG-NLP) of the Computing Society of the Philippines. It is a regular gathering of researchers working on the analysis, processing, and generation of human languages by computing systems. The following editions of NNLPRS covered a wide range of topics in NLP and were graced by international invited speakers:

This symposium aims to encourage the submissions of current NLP research papers, to expose the attendees of selected institutions in the current trends and advances of NLP, and in exploring the challenges and prospects of conducting NLP research in both academic and industry settings. Specific objectives are:

  1. To establish as a mechanism for leveraging NLP research in institutions;
  2. To provide the attendees with orientation on NLP-based research and trainings on the use of various NLP tools; and
  3. To provide an avenue for the attendees to get assistance in the conduct of NLP-based researches.

Relevant topics include but not limited to the following areas:

  • Discourse analysis
  • Digital signal processing
  • Generation
  • Information extraction
  • Information retrieval
  • Language resources and evaluation
  • Linguistics
  • Machine learning for natural language
  • Machine translation
  • Phonology and morphology
  • Semantics and ontology
  • Sentiment analysis, opinion mining and text classification
  • Sign language processing
  • Text summarization and generation
  • Word sense disambiguation